Aerial Yoga with Nays – regular classes & private sessions

Come fly with Nays Yoga during a relaxing and rewarding Aerial session in the Eco Park’s Geodome. During these sessions, low hanging silks are used, hung like a hammock to aid traditional postures by supporting your body weight so you can achieve new postures and deep stretches in a more relaxed way than traditional yoga.

Aerial yoga is a relaxing way to practise and also helps to develop core strength as well as breathing techniques. More dynamic moves and positions such as flips, spinning and swinging can be achieved by adventurous and advanced users.

Nays Yoga Aerial sessions are for those who want to explore their inner yoga flow by altering their outer yoga perception.

If you’ve not tried Aerial Yoga before, you might like to book a Taster Session for £10 at our Roots Culture Summer Market in August. Contact Nay’s direct to get booked in. Otherwise keep up to date with her availability and regular classes at the Eco Park via Nay’s Facebook page by clicking here. Private sessions and group sessions are available upon request, please email