Flamenco Dance Classes – From Sunday 25th February

Fulfil your dreams of learning the expressive and passionate Spanish art form that is flamenco dancing with Claudia Caolin.

In this inductive 6 weeks course you will master the expression and dance techniques of Flamenco and Sevillanas. These classes are for everybody!!…For those who know and love the dance…to those who wish to learn it! The focus will be on basic technique, rhythm and choreography, culminating in a choreographed dance that you can perform on your own. You will be submersed in the world of Flamenco music, song and dance and become an expert at different key rhythms.

Flamenco Dancer Dance class Cornwall

The classes will take place in the Eco Park Barn every Sunday, starting promptly at 11.30am finishing at 1pm. During the course Mount Pleasant Eco Park will also be hosting a Spanish fuelled Tapas Juerga Party, perfect to show off your new dance skills. Delicious tapas will be made by Ana Lozar and there is also a well-equipped bar. Ole! Please look out for more details on our Facebook page.

Swishy skirts are perfect for achieving that flamenco swish. Also wear loose leggings or tights for stretching. Broad heeled shoes create the ideal flamenco stomp (No flimsy heels please!) If you don’t have sturdy shoes bring trainers or boots. For men wear a loose fitting shirt you can grab in your fists or a loose fitting t-shirt you don’t mind stretching.

Flamenco is Passion, Flamenco is Life, Flamenco is Triumphing in adversity!

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