Tree Sponsorship



Down to Earth is dedicated to restoring a considerable portion of the farmland at Mount Pleasant to native woodland, providing both much needed natural habitat and shelter for the Mount Pleasant community.

Just £15 sponsors the planting of a native tree on your behalf by our team of volunteers. You will receive a personal certificate thanking you or your loved one for your donation and future maintenance of the woodland.

We plant the new trees as 2 – 4 year old saplings during the dormant season (Nov – March), which helps give each tree a fighting start. They are planted in groves with tree guards to protect from strong winds and pests. The trees are maintained by the park and by Down to Earth volunteers throughout the year.
Tree species including Oak, Hazel, Holly, Ash, Maple, Hawthorn, Whitebeam and Pines have all grown particularly well in these conditions.
Whilst sponsoring a tree is an excellent gift for a loved one, you need not wait for an occasion, by helping us to create new woodland you will be reducing your carbon footprint and providing a natural habitat for people and wildlife to enjoy.

Over the last 6 years we have planted over 3000 trees in small groves around the site. This exposed coastal area and the conditions of the soil has provided varying successful growth rates and we have quickly discovered suitable species to plant across the Park. We have been surprised by the success of the majority of these species and we now have thriving woodland areas.
The woodland we are creating at Mount Pleasant will be maintained as a community resource, providing public green-space with tree planting and tree care volunteer days providing education in tree husbandry.

To arrange sponsorship of a tree, please call the office on 01209 891500 or email