Salsa Dance Course 13th March 2018

We are very lucky to host a fun and fiery Salsa dancing course with La familia de la Salsa! This 6 week course will see you dancing salsa like a pro!

The classes will take place in the Eco Park Barn every Tuesday, starting promptly at 7.30pm finishing at 9.30pm. During the course Mount Pleasant Eco Park will also be hosting a Spanish fuelled Salsa Party, perfect to show off your new dance skills. Please look out for more details on our Facebook page.

This is a dance for everyone to come and enjoy! Throw yourself around, relax and have fun. We promise you will leave feeling energised! By the end of the course you will have had a thorough grounding in basic salsa steps in both Leading and Following. You will have been taught beginner level turn patterns and movements, which will be combined into short routines to be able to dance in a social dance situation.

Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing but ladies, avoid bat-winged tops and anything with tassels or fringes that could get caught on your partner. If you have dance shoes of course bring them but it doesn’t matter as long as your shoes don’t grip the floor. Stilettos are best avoided for safety reasons. Some dancers like to bring a spare top and you will often see gents with a hanky or flannel hanging from their back pocket for a quick brow-mop.

Salsa dance originated from Cuba in the form of Cuban son. It takes other forms in cha cha cha and mambo (Dirty Dancing!)

The Salsa as we know it today was formed in the 1970’s in New York. It is danced all over the world in various styles like Cuban Afro Latino and Columbian.

Tickets are just £60 for the whole course, get yours HERE


JORGE & CARMEN DANCING CUBAN SALSA from Jean-Luc Lambs on Vimeo.