Earth Dance

Dance for the Earth. Dance for your Life.

Tend the sacred Fire.

We are all are born with creative rhythm, the reflex to moooove. Movement is a window to remember. 

There has been 2000 years of systematic oppression of free form movement, that thing you were born with, we were told no don’t do that. Now we are seeing a massive revival of this remembrance through movement, ecstatic dance, an outpouring of our creativity through our unique bodies & essence.

When we dance we create a cascade of serotonin, natural joy and bliss. Neural paths are made through movement when we are babies, new neural pathways are formed when we dance with earth medicine intelligence running in our bodies. We can get unstuck & create new ways of being & experiencing life.

Movement bonds us, we syncopate, we remember we are connected, we are community, we are an ecosystem, tribal people, people of the Earth, here to dance, sing & celebrate this life. We dance for our lives, we dance for the Earth that gifts us abundant living.

Let’s tend this sacred fire of remembrance together.  

Join us in a tribal gathering to dance our prayers with a cacao & mushroom elixir. 4 hours of guided & ecstatic movement to bring you into your deepest sense of bliss & fullest expansion with a full outdoors soundsystem. Moving intentions for our lives, communities & the world we are birthing through our bodies to empower our prayers for the good of all life.

This space is for all of us, all of you is welcome here.

Tickets £15 pp – Please click below..


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