Eco Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Hosted by the wonderful Perdie, a local florist and small scale flower farmer here in Cornwall. 

Come and join us for a Christmas wreath making class.

Perdie have been doing these classes for over 6 years, sharing her skills as a florist with many different groups to create their own magnificent wreaths.

This class is all about getting creative, having a laugh in a friendly and supportive way.

You will be guided to find your inner creative side. There is no right or wrong way, it’s just your way and you will shown and helped through each step in the process.

Using lots of fresh locally sourced winter evergreens, making sure they stay looking great for way past Christmas day. 

There will be lots of interesting and wonderful extras to add into your wreath to make it something unique and your own.

This class will be around 2 hours long 

With a warm cosy log burner and christmassy drinks being served at the bar this will be a perfect way to spend the day as a family or group of friends or even on your own 

Come and get into the feeling of Christmas.

You will walk away with a lovely top quality wreath perfect for your door 

Canteen will be serving roasts from 12pm so why not start with a warming and hearty meal. No need to book lunch, just rock up.

Come eat, drink and be creative!

The class is £40 which includes all the materials you need to create your wreath including a copper base that can be re-used year on year.

Please if you can bring a strong pair of scissors that would be super handy. 

Bookings will close at 8pm on Saturday 25th.



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