Flamenco Beginners Dance workshop Dance of Passion

Flamenco is Passion, Flamenco is Life, Flamenco is Self-Belief.

The workshop will be a about Flamenco general dance technique, focussing on
posture, arm and body movements, Flamenco specialised hand circles, rhythms,
and stamping technique.

Easy steps will be practised and the beginning of a Tangos choreography.
Participants will learn about different styles of Flamenco music, song and dance
and practise different key rhythms.

Having its roots in India, Flamenco has developed over many centuries whilst it originated
as an art form amongst the Roma Travellers who were to settle down in Southern
Andalusia in the 17th century, some of them making their way via North Africa,
incorporating rhythms and songs along the way. In the ethnic melting pot of Andalusia and
the environment of the poorer classes, Flamenco originated like a scream for liberation,
like a defiant stance against oppression, and found its first ‘golden age’ in the 19th century.
Since then, the art form has come a long way in all three strands: song, dance, and guitar –
constantly developing while still being true to its original message of self-affirmation.
Flamenco says: ‘This is who I am. Take it or leave it!’

Claudia Caolín has her background in Contemporary and Flamenco Dance and has now a
teaching experience of 25 years. Originally from Germany, she studied also for many
years in London (Laban Centre London), Madrid (Amor de Dios) and Granada, where she
considerably broadened her technical abilities as well as her theoretical understanding of
both art forms. (Claudia also holds an MA in Dance Studies and wrote her thesis about
Flamenco Art.) In 2005 Claudia moved to Cornwall where she teaches and performs
regularly with her group Claudia Caolín Y Compania. Recently, in 2018, the Community
Interest Company Claudia Caolín Dance & Entertainment has been founded.

Please be suitably clothed for dance training, i.e. loose pants or tights, so we can do some
stretching, a skirt for the flamenco swish (!) and some broad heeled shoes. (No flimsy
heels please!) If you don’t have sturdy shoes bring trainers or boots.

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