Inhabit – A free-form Dynamic Meditation Class

Inhabit is a beautifully held dynamic movement meditation class that brings you into a state of presence within the body.

Combining conscious, dynamic movement and meditation allows us to tap into a deep sense of peace and the subtleties of an organic euphoria.

We spend so much of our lives absorbing external clatter that it can become part of our physiology, so shifting this out of the body is an essential part of optimum wellbeing.

Unprocessed trauma and toxicity impact the nervous system and can cause havoc in the body, so when we release this through conscious movement we feel the alleviation of anxiety, even if it’s been unobserved.

In freeing our body and mind we allow ourselves room to reacquaint with our most divine and natural state of being. 

Both grounding and elevating, this session is a weekly gift of reclamation and realignment.

“The feeling of peace at the end of each class is palpable, I come away totally at ease with myself “.

Each session starts with a blessing and clearing of the space using white sage. We will then set our Intentions and begin on our journey. 

What you will need:

A warm blanket 

A bottle of water

A willingness to embrace your space

This session will be held by Mila from Still Wyld.

£12 – To book please go to


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