Outdoor Pilates

Getting back to grass roots Beginners / Midlife Woman

Never before has the outdoors been more compelling! Evidence continues to proclaim how being in nature is intrinsic to our health. Connect with nature in the lovely private wedding venue at Mount Pleasant Eco Park.

This class is tailored to topics relevant to the midlife woman which will be explored in class and client support group. Beginners welcome. Standing and mat work Foot and ankle Modern approaches to mobilisation Building good foundations for movement Rebalancing, strengthening, releasing and lengthening muscle for fewer aches Deep breaths of fresh air A little laughter Reconnecting with your wild Not a huff’n’puff class… more of an ooo- ahhh.

Learn what to do with inexpensive small equipment you can use at home Facilities: Restricted class sizes Plenty of free parking Toilet facilities and vegan café on site.

Reaching out for all midlife women, particularly those suffering from the effects of lockdown. Come and be amongst other women, and be welcome to take a stroll in the lovely grounds pre or post-class.

Not suitable for those recovering from an injury or illness.

COVID: Socially distanced classes. Contact me at rockrootwellness@gmail.com if you have any questions.

What to bring – your kit bag: Covid guidelines say class participants should bring their own equipment. Everything I use is inexpensive and items that you may already have at home. You can also purchase small equipment from me. A mat, placed upon a waterproof ground cover such as a picnic blanket. Small equipment: bender ball resistance band tennis ball small blanket or towel to fold for headrest and other exercises or a half yoga block. larger blanket and or yoga block Extra layers for warmth if needed/pac-a-mac and waterproofs, and a sun hat and little suncream should it be hot. WATER Come dressed so you can move freely with nothing tight around your shoulders or hips.

To find out more and to book a session head to the Rockroot Wellness website HERE


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