The Vision

The vision of Mount Pleasant Ecological Park is driven  by Tim Stirrup, while Looking for workshop space for his environmental building company Pioneer EBC, Tim discovered this particular coastal land for sale which opened up a much wider scope of possibilities and potential to have a positive impact on the local area and community.

‘In 2001 when we took over the 42 acre farm it was derelict; an existing potato sorting shed with a steel and asbestos roof was half collapsed and the land was exhausted by 37 years of intensive mono -culture farming. Our aim is to breath life back into the land and create a dynamic community facility that has a positive impact on the area creating an inspiring work space for local business in more natural sustainable materials, rather than steel and concrete. Converting the land to organic status was the first step along with the planting of thousands of native trees. Creating a community garden facility and planting wildflower and native-species rich grasslands are also part of the evolving process. These planted areas, along with the SSSI registered valley which borders Mount Pleasant will provide a rich habitat for local wildlife including buzzards, foxes and even the occasional deer!’ – Tim Stirrup


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