Antigone – Performed by The Minack Theatre Acting Academy

Antigone, niece to the King, sets herself in opposition to her uncle when she attempts to bury the body of her brother, killed in a failed rebellion. Her simple act of defiance shakes the state to its foundations, and everyone has a choice to make. Do you support a fundamentalist ruler and condemn a young woman who flouts an unjust law, or do you challenge authority and risk a descent into anarchy?

Sophocles’s 2,000 year old play examines issues as urgent in today’s world as they were to the ancient Greeks. Don Taylor’s translation blends archaic and colloquial language beautifully, making it easy to recreate the world of ancient Thebes as the dysfunctional future of a Western state.

In the battle between opposing ideologies, there are no winners, even those who don’t take sides can’t avoid the fallout. Politics doesn’t get more personal than this.

This exciting, highly-charged production of one of the world’s greatest dramas is performed by students of the Minack Theatre Acting Academy.

Performed outdoors in our Amphitheatre, we will move the performance indoors if wet and windy.

Canteen will be open and serving as well as our bar.

Doors open 5.30pm

Tickets: Adults £12 / Under 16s £6


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