Down to Earth Film Screening 2pm and 7pm

We would like to invite you to the exclusive Matinee screening of the film DOWN to EARTH, especially organised for you by Weleda UK. It is a very special project related to unlocking the world’s Indigenous Wisdom. We, at Weleda, feel and know that it will resonate with many of you and we are also thrilled to have a dialogue happening following the film.

The film is the result of a family living for five years with indigenous tribes on all continents and listening to their wisdom. The journey across the globe has resulted in a thought-provoking film that shows us the world through the eyes of the ‘Earth Keepers’ – those who still live in connection with the earth. The film shows us the crucial need for humans to reconnect with nature. You can view a trailer of the film here.

Please come and attend this very special event as it is not a film to be just viewed but a call to action!

The film won two international awards and premiered at the UN Global Climate Summit. Since, it has gone on to break all records through a very unconventional test launch in The Netherlands 2 years ago. It was launched in the UK on 11th September and has been screened at the PictureHouse cinemas since. It is now the longest running film in Dutch cinema history and the DOWN to EARTH Collective UK is now working on spreading its message throughout our home country. More importantly, the film has led to a real movement, showing that people are ready to take the message of the Earth Keepers to heart. People and organisations have felt inspired and empowered to start initiatives, take personal responsibility and be the change after being moved by the film. And it is our turn! The screening will be followed by a dialogue and we will explore our thoughts and feelings towards it and how it might help us be ‘together’ in new and different ways in connection with Weleda.

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