Return to Wholeness – Healing Workshop

Return to Wholeness – Tools for Self Healing & Inner Balance 

Tuesday 6th December – 6pm till 7:30pm – £7 per person

We all need a bit of TLC in this hectic life, some sacred time, kindness and care for us to rest, relax and restore. To press release on the stress button and come back into harmony with our body, mind and soul for inner well-being. When we do this, it allows us to find more peace and clarity within ourselves and our lives. But too often we are last on our list. 

During these creative and relaxing sessions you will be learning how to tap into our body’s inner wisdom and your soul’s guidance through a variety of simple, practical techniques including breathwork, visualisation and body / energy processes to release stuck patterns, energy and emotions and connect more deeply with, embody and express more of your authentic selves and celebrate being you. There will be a short guided meditation at the end of each session. 

You are your own best guide and healer, you are here to celebrate and express your own uniqueness. The most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself. Come and join me so you can quieten your mind and connect with the deep wisdom within you. 

  • Calm your mind and nervous system
  • Release limiting patterns, beliefs and stuck emotions
  • Learn how to dissolve fears and soothe anxiety
  • Drop old baggage
  • Feel more grounded and centred
  • Clear your energy and head
  • Develop deeper self-love, acceptance and peace
  • Connect with your inner wisdom

These sessions are run by Pippa King, who has been working Internationally as an intuitive therapist and energy healing teacher for 22 years. Pippa loves helping people to connect with their true essence and unlock their ability to self heal by loving themselves, healing wounds, releasing fears and bringing harmony to the mind, body and soul systems to create deeper wholeness. Pippa specialises in trauma release & recovery and spiritual growth, she also runs Certified healing courses Reiki, ThetaHealing, Access Bars and various well-being workshops working with creativity, EFT, healing processes and crystals.

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