Make Your Own Handplane/Bellyboard Workshop

Join James and all the team at Otter Surfboards for a day in the workshop to make your own belly board from locally grown timber. They’ll create a blank to your specification and you’ll then be able to cut the outline, shape the rails and oil your board up ready for a lifetime of waves, with them guiding you through each step of the process.

Bellyboarding might just be the simplest way to enjoy wave riding on a piece of wood and it’s deeply entwined in the history of British surfing. The boards themselves often become highly treasured possessions and they’d like to share the fun of making them with you.

Otter exist to inspire people to love, learn and reconnect through the power of making. Making timeless hand-crafted wooden surfboards designed to last a lifetime.

So far they’ve helped over 200 people make their own wooden surfboard. Find skills they didn’t know they had. Experience a different kind of focus. Push comfort zones. Laugh lots. Cry too. Build new friendships. And transform. The days are challenging. But the rewards are worth it.

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