Recalling Fire presents: Stories for Sun and Moon

Gather in the afterglow of summer solstice for an evening of traditional oral storytelling.

Step between ancestral worlds whilst the veil is at its thinnest.

Meet ancient, wild characters.

Maybe, in the twilight, meet yourself.

What a beautiful evening. Thank you for the nourishment. I was moved to laugh and cry. I leave feeling more whole than when I arrived. – Participant, Urban Biodiversity

Who is this for?

Maybe you’ve never experienced the sheer energy of oral storytelling among adults.

Maybe, in the busy and distracted day-to-day, you’re looking for sacred space.

Maybe your deep intuition is feeling called to something reverential.

Mesmeric, deeply moving and uplifting for a tired soul.

Those moments of stillness and reflection are still viscerally with me now. – Anona Dawson, Dorset Wildlife Trust

What can you expect?

‘Crepuscular’ is the word used for animals most active at dusk and dawn. You could call them creatures of twilight. With Recalling Fire events, that’s what our souls will become. Like hare on moonlit snow. Calm, but vigilant. Hushed.

Expect the evening to begin and end with softness. In-between, when the stories move, there’s no telling what will come.

With undeniable connections to our history and the land, oral storytelling gives us the first threads of what it is to be indigenous to these islands. It might seem rare to us, but community storytelling has been practiced in cultures around the world for the vast majority of human history. We are the odd ones out.

For this unique evening, the storyteller’s from Recalling Fire ( will guide us to remember old ways through myths, ancient folklore, community and our own bodies.

I feel soothed to my bones – Participant, Mossy Crow

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