Sound Bath Workshop

During these monthly sound baths, you will be taken on a journey as you receive the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls, monochord, shamanic drum and voice.

Through the use of specific playing techniques and Holly’s intuitive vocals, the sounds gently lead you into an altered state of consciousness, a natural state that has been cultivated through sound, and practised by our ancestors in ceremony for thousands of years. 

The use of music and sound has been proven to enhance well-being and when played in specific patterns, with specific techniques, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. This allows the body to move into a deeply relaxed state, which is commonly referred to as ‘rest and digest. When the body experiences these feelings of complete release, clarity and healing can take place. 

During this session, each group member will also receive an oracle card and will be invited to join in a grounding practice at the end of the session. 

Tickets £13 per person – Available from…


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