Summer Pilates Sessions

I moved to Porthtowan in March – this summer series of classes will be the first in the village for me. Over the past year I have had a very loyal group of wonderful clients in the Falmouth area.

The first class on Thursday 26th July will be a charity class with all proceeds going to the Down to Earth Foundation – to say thanks and support the beautiful community space that is the Mount Pleasant Eco Park.

What to expect? With such a gorgeous venue I am hoping we can utilize the spaces – footwork on the grass, standing work using the poles in the barn or a full class outside in the sunshine – let’s see what the Cornish weather gives us.

My classes always work the full body – but I also incorporate a theme/area of the body and use props to both assist and challenge. They are classes for everyone – what I want is for you to feel great after a session!

If you are a complete beginner or someone who isn’t exercising regularly Pilates is a wonderful place to start – our bodies need to move for good health – I’ll try to make you feel welcome and share my knowledge of this wonderful method.

If you have been practicing Pilates for a short or long time – I am a fully qualified studio (equipment) and mat teacher – my classes are quite technical and I’m sure that we can work out how to challenge you so you get a good workout.

What to bring? Nothing – I’ll provide mats and small props to use in the class.

I’m really excited to start teaching in Porthtowan – hoping to meet you soon.



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