Theta Healing Basic Course

Change Your Life in 3 Days

31st March – 2nd April

  • What if you could connect with your inner abilities to become an intuitive healer for yourself and/or others? 
  • With the ability to powerfully heal yourself and others?
  • Able to clear blocks, fears and limiting beliefs instantly?

This course gives you the tools to create a life you love inside and out.

This fun, amazing and powerful three day course will give you the tools to change your life forever. During this course you will experience deep healing and transformation on all levels. Discover how to work with the ThetaHealing® technique to connect with your intuition to bring about powerful and lasting changes in your life and in the life of others. The course is very experiential and you will learn a new, safe and powerful way of connecting with divine energy to perform many different types of healing including, clearing limiting fears, thoughts, feelings or behaviours from your life. Develop your natural psychic abilities in a light, safe and grounded way. It really is astonishing how much you can learn and grow in 3 days.

You will become a certified practitioner on this course with ongoing support after the course to develop your skills. Whether you wish to attend this course for your own growth or to work with clients it will give you the tools to create powerful and lasting change in all areas of your life and coe into deeper connection with yourself, source energy and your intuitive gifts.

This course is for suitable for anyone who would like to clear blocks, fears and move forward with their life to create more freedom, health and happiness. We also run on-going student support after the course.

What you will learn on the Theta Healing® Basic Course:

  • The origins of Theta Healing® and its founders story
  • The 5 brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta & Gamma
  • The Law of Attraction and how it works
  • The true power your thoughts and how they impact your life
  • How your subconscious limiting beliefs and feelings create blocks and negative patterns in your life?
  • How to work with the Theta Healing® Technique
  • Activating your intuitive abilities
  • How to use muscle testing (derived from Kinesiology)?
  • The four levels beliefs are held on and how to identify them
  • Replacing limiting beliefs with positive beliefs
  • Replacing limiting feelings with positive feelings
  • How to install positive beliefs and feelings to enhance your life
  • How to align your conscious and subconscious mind to achieve your goals
  • Activating the youth DNA gene
  • How to intuitively reading and scan the body in person and remotely
  • How to develop your intuitive skills
  • Witnessing healings taking place in your own unique way
  • Removing psychic hooks
  • Clearing radiation from the physical body
  • Clearing wayward spirits and entities
  • Reclaiming soul fragments which may have been lost or given away
  • Understanding and working with the 7 planes of existence
  • Communicating with Angels and Guides
  • Future readings
  • How to carry out readings and intuitive body scans
  • Receive Theta healing basic book
  • How to create abundance
  • Activating the anti-aging gene
  • Removing curses and vows
  • How to find the subconscious beliefs that underlie physical conditions using questioning techniques
  • Working with the Universe to co create the life you want

Yes, you really will learn all this in 3 days! You will experience every exercise as a practitioner and as a client, so you have a deep experiential understanding of the processes.

The course is taught by Pippa King who has been teaching Theta Course Internationally for over 10 years. 

£395 – Advance booking required

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