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Our creative design studio offers a design and print service and at its heart is the Risograph printer which is the most eco friendly method of printing we know of, it has limitless scope for creativity, plus that authentic retro vibe which we love so well. 

At Roots Press we print and bind zines, booklets, posters and flyers for the wider community, as well as offering bookable printing slots in this space to publish your own zines, or print runs.


The Riso print process is often described as a cross between screen printing and photocopying, as the screens are created digitally, offering incredibly fine detail (600dpi) with each of its brightly coloured soy based inks. 

Using extremely thin biodegradable Banana leaf stencils called masters, each print run is unique and is treated as a single edition whether that is of 50 or 5,000. 

With intense colours and noisy gradients, Riso prints have a tangible and sometimes retro quality which offers the artist, illustrator and designer scope to create handcrafted prints in as many multiples as required. Striking effects can be created with bold typography and graphics, as well as delicate pencil sketches reproduced in more muted tones, the possibilities are endless. 


Our Risograph printer currently works with an ink range of 6 colours. 

Black HDHEX  00000RGBCMYK  0, 0, 0, 100
Bright Red 185U   HEX  f15060  RGB 241 / 80 / 96  CMYK  0, 67, 60, 5
Yellow YellowUHEX ffe800RGB 255 / 232 / 0CMYK 0, 9, 100, 0
Blue   3005 UHEX 0078bfRGB 0, 120, 191CMYK 99, 22, 0, 1
Fluro Pink  806UHEX ff48b0RGB 255 / 72 / 176CMYK 0, 72, 31, 0
Metallic Gold**HEX ac936eRGB 172 / 147 / 110CMYK 22, 33, 68, 8

**Metallic Gold is a premium ink and therefore costs a little more for masters and ink per copy.

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