Ian & Hilary

I wanted to write a few words to say thank you to the staff at the Eco Park for the opportunity they gave Hilary and I to host our guests at our wedding in one of the most outstanding venues you can possibly imagine, not just in the British Isles but possibly the world. It’s true that I am a little biased in that a little of my heart will always belong there now but even so I believe you couldn’t imagine a more stunning and user friendly environment to hold a wedding party. If you don’t believe me go and take a look. True we were blessed with a beautiful day, a beautiful bride and wonderful guests but the backdrop was nothing short of stunning and, honestly, even if the weather had been less than ‘primo’ then the whole event would take on a kind of Poldarkesque quality that you wouldn’t get (and couldn’t pay for) anywhere else.

As if the venue wasn’t enough (it was) the venue delivered on so many other levels as well. The pre-wedding assistance was superb. Kath fielded every query, panicked question and general pre-wedding skittishness that we could throw at her (there was a lot) and pointed us to some great local suppliers who added to the great theatre that can be created there. The food was fantastic as well, the chef was so enthusiastic. In truth we had signed up with another more carnivorous caterer originally but we were so pleased we went with the Vegetarian option in the end. It suited the venue, it suited the guests and it suited us. Subsequently we had many requests for some of the recipes even from dyed in the wool Meaties. The wine and beer was quality as well, much better than hunting for your own, although I remember thinking the corkage was good value as well.

I don’t want to say too much about our day. You will make your own dream come true, but we were made so welcome by the Registrars and our guests really entered into the spirit of having a whole weekend to spend time together either on site camping (bring a big hammer for your pegs!) or in the local area. Furthermore, the staff worked tirelessly to make the day run well. I cannot explain enough how smoothly it all went and this was down to their expertise and delivery (thank you Sophie!).

I can’t say much more than that- just that in Porthtowan Eco Park we found a wedding venue that you can truly paint your dreams on one the most welcoming and flattering canvases you could wish for.


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