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Roots Zine #1 Movement now on sale!




Welcome to Roots Zine, a new grassroots initiative, a community transmitter and creative outlet.

Jam packed with quirky and thought provoking contributions , this collab has been a long time coming and it’s better than we had imagined. Roots Zine Issue #1 is hot off the press and we are excited to be sharing it with you all!  We have produced a limited edition of 300 copies along with some sneaky button badges to celebrate this first issue.

Now available here on the Eco Park website to be mailed out to wherever you are! You can also pick one up from the bar staff when you visit our events.

Share – Share – Share … tell your fanzine friends where to get one, all proceeds will be reinvested into printing future issues and in growing the project as a whole.

We had a lot of amazing submissions for this issue so thanks to everyone who sent something in, if you would like to contribute to next issue, you will find details for submission requirements HERE

Roots Zine is published by Eco Park Press, our onsite creative studio which specialises in Risograph printing. We offer a design and print service plus a programme of open access print sessions and workshops. Risograph printing is the most eco friendly form of printing that we know of, it creates vibrant and exciting results using soy based inks and minimal energy. We LOVE it!

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